Top 3 Bands that Toured the Most

It is always said that “Music brings happiness” but for some People, Music brings more than joy and happiness, Music has become part of them and in fact, it has become their life. This list is compiled to let you know those who are already living music as part of their life. YES! We’ve done the research and we want to reveal to you the “Top 3 bands that went on concert tours the most.” Let’s dive into the main point. 


Dave Mathews Band 

Dave Mathews Band, also called “the Initial DMB” is an American Rock band. It was formed in 1991 in Charlottesville Virginia, United States. The founding members of the band include Dave Mathews who is a singer, guitarist and a songwriter, Drummer Carter Beauford, bassist Stefan Lessard and LeRoi Moore, a saxophonist. While the current members are Dave Mathews, Stefan Lessard, Tim Reynold, Rashawn Ross, Jeff coffin Carter Beauford.  

The band is considered as the most touring band with 547 shows and having sellouts of 282. Dave Mathews band has a total attendance of 11.2 million people and a total gross of 505.4 million dollars in all it shows.   


Rascal Flatts 

Rascal Flatts is a trio country music band formed in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio. The founders of this great country music band include Gary Levox, Joe Don Rooney, and Jay DeMarcus. The band has released several songs that have been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). However, with all this, Rascal Flatts has never stop surprising everyone. As it enters our list of “bands that went on concert tours the most” with 401 shows since 1999 and 274 sell-outs, Rascal Flatts make our list as the second music band after Dave Mathews that went on concert tour the most. 

Moreover, the country music band has a total attendance of 4.5 million people to their show and a total gross of 222.2 million dollars. Even after 18 years of coming together, Rascal Flatts is still pushing on strong and still hoping for the best and more shows in future.  



Aerosmith is also an American rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. The Rock band is also sometimes referred to as “America’s greatest rock and roll band” and “The bad boys from Boston.” Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Ray Tabano, Joey Kramer and Steven Tyler are the founding fathers of Aerosmith in 1970. Aerosmith is considered as the all-time best-selling American hard rock band with over 150 million records sold in the whole world. 

However, since then the Rock and Roll band has taken an elevator to the top. It is currently the third band on our list that went on the most tour after Dave Mathew and Rascal Flatts with a total number of 320 shows. Not only that, the band has a total number of 4.6 million attendees to all their shows since their dawn in 1970. Aerosmith band has a gross total of 292.2 million dollars in all their shows.